John Wilkes was born in 1943 near Cleveland, Ohio. He attended Ohio State University and was graduated cum laude, with a BFA in printmaking and painting. He studied in the Ames Perception Laboratory at Ohio State which had a deep effect on all his latter work in painting and photography. He went on to get his MFA in painting and photography at Rutgers University where he studied with Bob Watts who was instrumental in founding the Fluxus movement.

John moved to New York in 1968 where he apprenticed with several leading photographers and founded his own studio there in 1975. He went on to become an award winning photographer, known for his painterly unconventional photographs. His work was primarily conceptual still life. He was represented by Photonica, Getty Images, and Corbis. John did high profile advertising work for magazines, advertising agencies and design firms

In 2005 he transitioned from photography and has since then devoted entirely himself to painting.

He now works in his studio in Brooklyn where he also lives.

He can be reached using the Contact Form

He is represented by Maria Moyers: 917-447-4973